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Learn About Black Wall Street | Episode 14

February 15, 2023 The Sugar Daddy Podcast Season 2 Episode 14
The Sugar Daddy Podcast
Learn About Black Wall Street | Episode 14
Show Notes

“Imagine a community of great possibilities and prosperity built by Black people for Black people. Places to work. Places to live. Places to learn and shop and play. Places to worship.

Now imagine it being ravaged by flames.

Greenwood was so promising, so vibrant that it became home to what was known as America’s Black Wall Street. But what took years to build was erased in less than 24 hours by racial violence.” - NY Times 

Tune in as Jessica and Brandon discuss the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921,  which erased years of Black success and the impact it has had on Black America today. 

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Discussed in this episode:
"'Black Wall Street' Before, During and After the Tulsa Race Massacre"

New York Times Tulsa Race Massacre Interactive

"Beyond Tulsa: The Historic Legacies and Overlooked Stories of America's 'Black Wall Streets'"

"Origins of Black Wall Street"

Financial Feminist by Tori Dunlap